John Matteo
Preservation Engineering: A ‘New’ Curriculum

In 2006, Mr. Matteo received the Kress Mid-Career grant. Matteo developed theory and parameters for a Preservation Engineering curriculum. The advocated coursework offers a sustainable component to engineering programs, which focus primarily on new construction, and adds breadth to architecture and historic preservation curricula to further develop studies in the technology and engineering of historic construction. The final product was multi-disciplinary in nature and focused on problems derived from the academic and professional separation of engineering and architecture, bridging gaps through education and communication.

Check out Mr. Matteo’s recently published article “Preservation Engineering: Framing A New Curriculum” in Preservation Education & Research, Volume Four, 2011.

Caption: Photograph of Brandon Rossetti, Senior Engineer at Robert Silman Associates, surveying the dome structure of the Marion County Courthouse in Fairmont, West Virginia. (Photo credit: John Matteo)