2014 / Bronx River Right-of-Way, Phase II

Amanda Schachter & Alexander Levi
The Richard L. Blinder Award for Architecture Fellow
Bronx River Right‐of‐Way:Reclaiming Cass Gilbert’s Westchester Avenue Station for the Waterfront Part II: 2013 ‐ 2014


Recipients of the 2011 Blinder Award, Ms. Schachter and Mr. Levi will expand on their project studying the reuse and rehabilitation of the Westchester Avenue Train Station in the Bronx, an abandoned hundred-year-old train station designed by Cass Gilbert and currently off-limits and in ruins along the Lower Bronx River. Previously, Ms. Schacter and Mr. Levi envisioned a scenario to transform the abandoned station into a gateway, beacon, and intermodal node for the park, neighborhood, greenway, and river. The second Blinder Award will help bring their vision closer to reality with the support of a feasibility study for the station.